Taxi service by LGBT-Wings of Fire

According to the The Hindu reports published on Jan 21, the Wings Travels and Management India  spread across nine cities and 5,500 taxis is going to offer training and employment to LGBT community in the profession of chauffeuring.  The service is called wings Rainbow Radio Taxi service. The company has kicked off a pilot project with 5 people from LGBT community including two eunuchs. The project has been undertaken with collaboration of Humsafar trust based in Mumbai. The project includes one year long training in driving for all Indian license and also customer etiquette.The officials state that they see it launching next year in 2017.The service would not be only confined to people of LGBT community but for everyone.


Image courtesy: The Hindu

Also the project would be scaled up to all the nine cities including Delhi, Ahemdabad and Chandigarh after the success of the pilot. The pioneer of the project claim that this would help the people of the LGBT community to rise and inculcate in the so called mainstream heterosexual community, providing them respectable livelihood and better ways to interact with the society at large.

One is compelled to deliberate that by providing an affirmative act of providing the opportunity to the LGBT community would help them to feel more exclusive as they want special efforts to integrate in society. The step is welcomed by the NGO Humsafar and others which are actively engaged in upliftment of the community from the dungeons   of anonymity .  Also this step is providing a sort of introspection to all the service providing firms to analyze how they choose their employees and how important is sexuality of the employees. This would also help sensitize the general public about the daily struggle of the  sexually ostracized in finding decent jobs for themselves.


image courtesy: HT

What is interesting here is that not all the public amenities still offer the option for third gender after NALSA( National Legal Service Authority) judgement(2014), lately only Odisha government and MSME have been using the check boxes with option of third gender on their portals.

The step is commendable and we hope they successfully scale up the model and the project gets replicated  across the platforms and jobs across India and world.

Read the Article by Hindu on the same here:LGBT radio taxi 


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