DarkMatter….poetry,politics,fashion and more

DarkMatter is a platform of spoken poetry started by two Asian Stanford students :Janani Balasubramanian and Alok Vaid-Menon. Both identify themselves as brown and transgenders. They are known for their bold and bright style statements and  powerful poetry about their lives as queer and trans south Asian themes.Courbitterbanner

Image Courtsey: AC Voice

They started of their journey in 2009 in Stanford and both of them started working as DarkMatter independently in 2013 after joining slam poetry club at Stanford and also performing at C.U.P.S.I.( college Union Poetry Slam Invitational). They were inspired by lack of representation of colored people in realms of trans activism and decided to focus on their issues drawing their personal experiences. They openly say that is is highly political and they are opposed to “homo nationalism”  an idea which in guise of queer welfare evidently biased towards colored queers and only benefits white queer. This has made them one of the most powerful artist voices in U.S especially in New York where they are based.  In addition to political performances both of them are also engaged with various organizations which are working for Queer people, Alok works as a Fund raiser and Communication  coordinator for Audre Lorde project an organization for queer people of color activism.alokjanani-copy

Read more about them on this great articles by Tammy Danan on BitchMedia: Spoken Word Duo DarkMatter Talks Race, Gender, and Imperialism

and By Jamilah King for Colorlines: DarkMatter: ‘We’re Proud of Our Resistance’

also AC voice at wordpress:Politicizing Art: DarkMatter and Words of Resistance


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